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    We are specialists in the provision of sash window replacements and with all of our work coming with an impressive written guarantee of 10 years.

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All work we do comes with a full 10 year written guarantee with a deposit protection and insured guarantee certificate backed by the IWA. Please see below for our written Guarentee:

This is to certify that the fenestration products supplied as specified are guaranteed in accordance with, and subject to, the terms and conditions as stated below:-

1. Products are warranted from the date of purchase or installation under normal conditions. Against defects arising from faulty workmanship or materials as follows:-

(a) Window and Door frames against failure of the welded joints - 10 years.
(b) White finish windows and Door frames against noticeable discolouration of the surface finish - 10 years
(c) Wood grain finish Windows and Doors against delamination of the applied for – 10 years
(d) Sealed units against visible obscuration caused by breakdown of the perimeter seal - 5 years
(e) Components i.e. Locks, handles, hinges- 10 years. Cosmetic deterioration to handles, letter plates and door knockers etc., due to general wear and tear is excluded
(f) All building work of any description - 1 year
(g) All items not specifically stated above - 1 year

2. Conservatory roofing sheets are not guaranteed against abnormal climate changes which may cause the structure of materials used to breakdown in anyway, also this guarantee does not cover against any penetration of insects, misting and mould growth between the chamber sheets.

3. When a product is sold on a supply only basis we will not accept any responsibility, whatsoever, for sealed units that fail due to incorrect fitting – glass setting block must be used at all times, nor will we accept responsibility for scratches, crocks or breakage after the product has been supplied and or fitted.

4. This Warranty will be invalidated immediately should the product be misused, damaged or rendered inoperative, dismantled by the owner or any unauthorised person, neglected or should any alteration to the original specification take place.

5. This warranty will be invalidated immediately should the product show evidence of impact, mishandling or tampering. Unnatural chemical corrosion or use contrary to its intended purpose.

6. We undertake to repair or replace (at our option), without charge, any item or Component found to be defective due to faulty materials or manufactured during the periods specified above.

7. All products must be maintained strictly in accordance with our printed instructions. Solvents or abrasive cleaners should never be used in any event. Failure by the user to maintain product in acceptable fashion may render this WARRANTY INVALID.

8. This warranty is applicable a originally supplied Product(s) supplied as replacements under warranty. The maximum period of this warranty is 10 years.