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Category Archive: Bay Windows

  1. Shutters & Bay Window

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    This bay window with internal shutters was completed last week for an existing customer in Ramsgate.

    The existing bay window was removed and replaced with Rehau window system.


    The internal shutters were installed on the same day to complete the installation.


  2. Windows and Doors

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    20151014_12081320151014_120849These windows and doors were completed for a local builder in Herne bay.The front windows were installed with Victorian style windows to appease local planning. Casement windows were used on the side and rear.

    Two composite doors to the front and French doors to the rear. All windows were installed with True fit  tape. This product will make the windows 23% more energy efficient compared to sealing windows with silicone.

    All the windows installed are A rated.

  3. Bay Windows

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    This load bearing bay window was installed last week. These photographs show the importance of using the correct bay poles and jacks to s20150916_12111120150916_084044urport   the other bay window above A hole is drilled through the cill and a jack is passed through the hole and sits directly on a steel plate on the brick work. The bay pole is then placed onto of the jack and wound up tight with another plate on top beneath the head plate.
    The bay pole is then screwed to each window.Each bay post has a cover inside and out to hide the bay posts. Each bay post has the jack and plates mantainning structrial stability.

    Two bay windows and four windows were installed on this job last week.

  4. Windows and Door

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    These windows and composite door were installed last we20150819_15484320150819_154853ek for a customer in Hereby. The old windows were beyond repair so it was time for an up date. The old tiles were removed from below the windows and replaced with 150 window cills.

    A new composite door was chosen to which makes such a big difference compared to the old glass door.

    New composite laminated window boards were installed inside and new Fascia,soffits and guttering installed to roof line front and back.

  5. Window & Doors

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    These windows and doors were installed for a builder near Dover. Eight windows, 2 sets bi folding doors, 2 sets of French doors, a Solidor composite front door and a 3 part bay window com20150731_115035pleted the install20150731_115128ation.

    All the windows were fitted with trickle vents and dummy sashes to achieve an equal sight line

    The whole installation took 5 days to complete and not long now before Mark will be moving in.

  6. Bay Sash Windows

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    This bay window was fitted last week in Whitstable for a customer who wanted to update her windows with a more traditional looking windows which looked more like the original window.

    Madden1The existing windows Madden2had been replaced with UPVC casement windows which did not suit this period property.

    These Victorian style sash windows are a copy of the traditional wooden sash windows with the added benefit of double glazed A rated units, maintenance free UPVC frames which never need painting. These particular frames were made from white wood grain for a more authentic appearance.

    The whole job took a one day to complete and the old UPVC frames were recycled.


  7. Victorian Sash Windows

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    These windows were fitted just before  Christmas in Herne bay but the scaffolding has only recently come down.  The windows had to go through local planning as they are in a conservation area under article four. This took about three months before it was granted. The windows had been changed about twenty years ago and were not in keeping with the original style. This UPVC Victorian style windows are an exact replica of the original windows and look so much betterIMAG0069Caine with the added benefit of low maintenance and double glazing. These windows are A rated which will help to keep more heat in and help to reduce any condensation.IMAG0067caine

    The building has been renovated by a local property developer who has converted the top two floors into flats and a shop below. There were 15 windows replaced in total with complete box sash rip outs and two doors at street level. A fire window was fitted in the hall way to let smoke escape in the event of a fire. This automatically opens up if smoke is detected.

    The whole job took 7 days from start to finish


  8. Triple Glazing

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    These windows were completed on Friday for an existing  customer in Margate. The old double glazing was replaced with these more energy efficient 36mm thick triple glazed units into Rehau frames. The locking system was also a lot better with shoot bolt locking and excluder locks on the hinge side, and internally beading making the new windows more secure.IMAG0032 SlimIMAG0030slim

    The bay window was replaced and two more top lights added to help with ventilation, being a bungalow these could be left open at night with out compromising security.

    The back door was changed to open out which would make more room in the kitchen.The door was fitted with a door restrictor which would help stop the door from blowing open.

    The old frames were recycled and the bay window,back door and two windows took 2 days to complete.

  9. Bay Windows

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    These two bay windows were completed on Friday for a local builder I supply and install windows and doors for. The site was near Canterbury in Rough Common and these bays were part of an installation we fitted four other windows and a back door.20150123_142418 All the windows and doors were installed with A rated Rehau window systems with double glazed units.

    The bay windows were fitted with load bearing bay posts and jacks which transfer any load from above onto the brick work with steel shims top and bottom of the posts.

    Trickle vents were fitted on the top fan lights to conform to the required building regulations. The lower panes of glass were fitted with toughened glass as these were below 800mm from floor.

  10. Victorian Style Windows

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    20141119_101513lottIt may have taken nearly 9 months to get this job through planning but once planning was approved the windows were ordered and a date set to start work. The old windows were removed and the new pvcu windows were installed. Once the bay windows were fitted I could then begin the task of cladding them with timber to replicate the existing windows to look as authentic as possible. It is now very difficult to tell these windows are double glazed pvcu. 20141119_101446lott

    This is the second house in the street I have got through planning the house next door is exactly the same even the window sizes are the same.

    The timber used outside was British Columbia Pine and was treated with Crown stain block and Saladin Superdeck which will not crack or peal with no rubbing down needed when reapplying.

    The whole job took 8 days to complete.