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  • Victorian Style Windows

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    These Victorian style windows were installed this week for an existing customer in Boughton near Canterbury.

    The windows were complete box sash rip outs and designed to look as close to the original windows as possible with the adIMAG0491IMAG0490ded  security and maintenance free A rated frames.

    The Astragal bars are more althentic and match the original lay outs.

    The 6 Victorian style windows and 1 casement window took 4 days to complete.

  • Lantern

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    Finial got time t20160204_110719o install this Skypod lantern into the showroom roof this week.20160204_105538

    These lanterns have been designed with clean lines and a more minimalistic look to crete a more contempory look especially in the popular anthracite  grey.

    The Active Blue or Aqua green  easy clean glass which can get down to a 1. u value.

    They come in a range of different colours and are all made to measure .

  • Composite Door

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    Heres a picture of a before and after shot of a Doorstop composite door installed last week. The outer frame was white woodgrain to make it look less shinny. The design is a good match to replicate the old door.

    IMAG0452IMAG0453A low level threshold was chosen to avoid a trip hazard and a lever/lever handle so not to get locked out.

    Another door exactly the same was fitted to the front door for a matching pair.

    Both doors took most of the day to install.

  • Windows and doors

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    These windows and doors were installed in a pair of semi detached houses near Sittingbourne.Each house had 10 windowIMAG0430s, 1 resi back door and a composite front door. The A rated IMAG0429windows were all installed using True fit foam to seal the windows and improve thermal efficiency.

    Each took 3 days to complete with very little disruption. All the old window frames were removed with no damage done to inside plaster line or decoration.



  • Solidor Composite Doors

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    Here are two more Solidor composite doors supplied and installed  to a customer in Rainham. The doors were chosen and designed on the Solidor website and the enquiry was forwarded onto myself as a Premium Installer for Solidor.20151222_12104120151222_105046#1

    The cream stable door  replaced a timber door and the Tenby two front door replaced a previously installed foam filled door which Robert was not very happy with.

    The front door was installed with a slam shut lock and the existing camera syphole was reinstated on the new door.

    Both doors took a day to install.

  • Solidor Composite Door

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    Heres a befIMAG0418ore and after shot of a Solidor door composite door installed for a customer in Whitstable this week. The Ludlow 2 with simplicity glass and slam shut lock were chosen to best match the original door. IMAG0420

    The backdoor was replaced with a Rehau UPVC door.

    Both doors were installed using Truefit tape which will make windows and doors  23% more energy efficient compared to standard silicone or expanding foam.

  • Bi fold doors

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    doorsThese aluminium bi folding door and window were installed this week for a customer who was building an extension on the rear of his property.

    The fashionable anthracite grey colour was chosen for a contemporary look which works very well with these bi folding  windows and doors.

    The first door will open back 180 degress which is held in place with a magnet. The other 2 doors will then open and slide at the same time with the other door attached. There are a lot more configarations avalibe with bi folds opening in or out.

    This installation took most of the day to complete.


  • Solidor Composite Doors

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    These two cracking doors were installed for a customer in Boughton near Canterbury. Both doors with anthercite20151201_17012220151201_170049 grey frame and slab outside and white inside.

    The front door was installed with a slam shut lock and contemporary  ES3 1800 mm long bar handle. This type of lock will dead bolt once the door is pulled closed.

    The side door was installed with a lever/lever handle which is better suited to a back door so you will not be locked out if you are out in garden hanging washing out or pottering about.

    Both doors took 5 hours to install.

  • Windows and Doors

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    This installation was completed last week by an existing customers recommendation. The 3 windows suf20151201_111946fered badly from condensation in the mornings so these replacement UPVC A rate20151201_111909d  Rehau windows were chosen to replace the old hardwood and aluminium windows.

    The window styles was kept the same as the original windows  as this best suited the size of window and property.

    The front door was chosen from the Solidor range and this has made a huge difference to the hall way ilimenating the cold draughts which used the blow through the old door.

    The installation took 2 days to complete included 3 replacement sealed units which had broken down in conservatory. All the units were installed with True fit tape which makes windows 23% more energy efficient compared to standard silicone seals.

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