• Internal Shutters

    Internal Shutters

    Internal Shutters.

  • Composite Doors

    Composite Doors

    The superior quality of a composite door is plain to see and feel.

  • Sash Windows

    Sash Windows

    We are specialists in the provision of sash window replacements and with all of our work coming with an impressive written guarantee of 10 years.

  • French Patio Doors

    French Patio Doors

    Our Patio and French doors, in styles to suit all tastes and homes, are a practical yet elegant addition to any room.

  • Conservatories


    Transform your home with a bespoke conservatory - from traditional to modern conservatory designs.

  • Showroom


    With a wide range of colours and finishes we can help you decide from the best products to suit your home.


DIY & Supply and Fit Windows

DIY & Supply and Fit Windows DIY & Supply and Fit Windows

We supply DIY windows that are easy to install yourself. If you are an enthusiast and have a skill to fit your own windows, then considering purchasing windows without our fitting services can provide you with real value for money.

It takes time, a little patience, a lots of hard work to fit windows. Yet, if you have the time to do the job properly, and the motivation, then you can save £££'s.

We supply precisely measured windows that are made by leading manufacturers. Whether you wish to have replacement glazed panels, windows, door panels or replacement glass units, we will supply only premium products made with superior materials.

Our team know that you want to invest in sturdy, long lasting windows. That is why we never let our customers down and use only professionally manufactured, tested, and energy rated windows.

10 Year Guarantee, Premium DIY Windows, Complete Support

DIY & Supply and Fit Windows DIY & Supply and Fit Windows

With a 10 year guarantee on all products, a complete after sales service and full telephone support, we will ensure that your DIY windows will fit perfectly.

We'll supply fittings, fixtures and sealants to ensure that you have everything you need when fitting your own DIY windows.

We recommend that, as you are saving money on installation costs, that you have a budget for premium quality window products. Choosing cheap products can cost you more long term. This is why we supply superior REHAU branded windows that you can fit easily.

Choosing DIY double glazing and window products means that you don't have to invite us into your home, unless of course you wish us to carry out accurate measurements before you order.

Our team will help you select options that are legally obliging, such as safety glass. And, we can provide you with advice on the specifications of your DIY windows or replacements.

There are specifically sized windows required by law, and with potential changes to load bearing walls we will help you with everything you need before you purchase our premium DIY windows.

Tips on Choosing DIY Windows & Supply and Fit

DIY & Supply and Fit Windows
  • Get correct information on openers and ventilation
  • Select the right style to suit your property or home
  • Obtain recommendations on security – standard and recommended locks make a difference when it comes to insurance validation and keeping you, your family, and your possessions safe
  • Ensure you install energy efficient windows with at least a C rating – they are the most carbon efficient and will help to reduce fuel bills by as much as 20% compared to classically fitted windows
  • Get a professional to estimate heat and fuel savings
DIY & Supply and Fit Windows

Remember that you will need to pay approximately £58.75 for a certificate of compliance. You can obtain this once your DIY installation has been completed, from your local authority.

If you would like to find out more, please feel free to call us directly on 01227 274301.